Published Articles

The articles linked below are either authored or co-authored by employees of Hamon Engineering, Inc. and published in Solar Professional Magazine.

Engaging the Codes and Standards Making Process, May 2016 Learn what is required to volunteer in the code and standards making community. Make a difference you can feel!

Ground-Mounted Racking Considerations, March 2016 Considerations in deploying a ground mounted PV mounting system.

1000V DC Utilization Voltages, March 2013 An article published in SolarPro 6.3 that discusses the issues of 1000V PV arrays and the NEC.

Maximum Number of Disconnects, December 2012 A description of how a supply side PV system interconnection fits into the NEC requirements for the maximum number of service disconnects for a given service.

Central Inverters for Commercial PV Applications, December 2011 The application of central inverters to mid-sized commercial PV systems.

DC Combiners Revisited, February 2011 An article published in SolarPro 4.2 discussing DC Combiner boxes, how they work, what purpose they serve, and how to use them.

Calculating Three Phase Line Currents, December 2010 An article published in SolarPro 3.1 describing how to calculate 3 phase currents when combining single phase inverters.