For Property Owners and Developers



For PV projects we will determine the maximum system size allowable based on available space, utility service rating, current and estimated future energy usage, and budgetary requirements. For storage projects we will review energy usage, possible load shaping, and load shifting in coordination with current and available utility tariffs to maximize cost savings. The existing electrical, structural, and other conditions relating to the specific type of PV system to be installed will be reviewed to determine what obstacles may exist to the PV installation. We will evaluate the project financial state including estimated cost, rebates and incentives, and possible outside revenue sources from services provided to the utility.


We will develop an energy system design that meets your requirements and that represents your interests. We can develop bid documents and help in structuring a bidding system that will guide the selection of the lowest cost qualified contractor to build the PV system.


We can assist you in the bid process, evaluation of the bids, and a qualification based selection of the lowest cost bid.

Construction & Commissioning

Overview walk downs of the project during construction help identify possible problem areas that could lead to costly rework later. Actual conditions found during construction may impact the design and require field modifications. Overview can be one way to help limit the impact of these issues on construction.

We can provide commissioning witnessing to verify that commissioning was performed as it was documented that tests were completed with satisfactory results.