Engineering Services for Contractors and EPCs

PV System Design

Need outside engineering support to prepare designs and engineering documents? We provide a full range of PV and ESS electrical/civil/structural engineering services to take your project from RFP to commissioning and project closeout. If your in house assets are overcommitted outsource your engineering needs to us and meet those deadlines. We will make your job easier.

Third party engineering review

Is your financier, utility, or AHJ asking you to locate an engineer to perform an engineering review of a project? We can perform design reviews, energy production estimate audits, installation reviews, and commissioning test data audits and provide third party engineering reports.

design review & stamp

Since legally all professional engineering work must be performed under the responsible charge of the engineer who seals the documents we cannot stamp someone else’s design documents, nor can any other licensed professional engineer. We can take your design as a preliminary design and use it to prepare our own design documents which you can use for permit applications.